Medicaid vs. Medicare

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Let’s start off looking at Medicare and then we’ll compare it to Louisiana Medicaid.Seniors over the age of 65 can apply for a Federal healthcare program called Medicare. However, in most situations Medicare is limited to 20 days, provided skilled care is required, and a doctor has written a prescription for it.

In addition to the 20 day coverage, Medicare also has an 80 day benefit called Medicare Part A. The Part A benefit is designed to pay for skilled care, but if a patient does not continue to get better over the 80 day period then Medicare will cease paying for care.

One common example is when a patient voluntarily refuses to continue with physical or occupational therapy. Once this happens the patient’s physician makes note of it in their chart and the Medicare benefit stops. The patient then moves to a private pay status under long term care instead of skilled care.

How Is Louisiana Medicaid Different Than Medicare?

Nursing home and rehabilitation are covered under Medicare Part A, but is limited to the first 20 days only provided you qualify for coverage. Remember, you will be expected to make notable improvement daily in order for Medicare to continue to pay during the 100 day period.

If you reach a point where you are no longer making progress Medicare will stop paying. This could be on the 10th day, 30th day, or any day up to the maximum 100th day. The patient may still need care in a nursing home, but Medicare will not pay. The patient or family at this point must figure out how to pay to keep the patient in the nursing home.

On the surface, the chief difference between Medicare and Louisiana Medicaid is this: Medicaid has very little homecare benefit. It’s not to say that one doesn’t exist, but it is very limited and varies from state to state.

In review, Medicare and Medicaid are both Government programs. However, Medicaid is administered at the state level and each individual state has the control to follow the Federal rules or create their own. So with 2 separate levels of Government involved with the same program, are you not surprised that the end results is a very complicated and confusing system?

So do you really need a Louisiana Medicaid Planner or can you figure all of this out on your own? Some will say that they are healthy and can put this type of planning off until they get sick.

It is always better to pre-plan for the possibility of a loved one experiencing a healthcare crisis instead of waiting until it happens. However, even if a loved one is currently in a nursing home, it is still possible to stop the spend down of their life savings and get them qualified for 100% Medicaid assistance. Knowing the rules and implementing proper strategies for Louisiana makes this possible.

Waiting until an illness or disability happens before doing something is very common. Finding a professional who makes Medicaid Planning their core focus is like going to a heart doctor when you have a heart problem…it just makes sense.

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