Pennington Financial's goal is simple: To protect you, your assets and your heirs.

How to protect a lifetime of hard earned assets in the event that
Medicaid assistance is needed due to a catastrophic illness.

This is the information you must know before you lose it all to the Medicaid "Spend Down"

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Have you worked a lifetime so you could retire only to be worried about what your future holds? The constant conversation about the rising cost long term care has many folks more than a little concerned about their future. There is real cause for concern.
The earlier one begins to put a concise plan in place the better. There is help available. Unfortunately many people do not understand the pitfalls in setting forth a plan that can take advantage of legal programs established to help them. This is what we do at Pennington Financial. Pennington Financial, LLC, serves as your Estate Planning Coach, specializing in Medicaid Eligibility to help families pay for Nursing Home and Long Term Care costs. Our coaching plan includes many tools including Retirement Planning, Income Planning, Medicaid eligibility, Veterans Pension and the proper legal documents.

Our Estate Planning Coach's specialize in the unique financial issues of older adults and their families. Our team has over thirty five years of financial experience and have been helping families achieve financial security for the last fifteen years. If you or your family would like to know more about these benefits, please contact us at 318-855-4690 or toll free at 866-323-4125. The assessment is FREE!

Services we provide at Pennington Financial, LLC:

•Estate and Retirement Planning...
•Investment Advisory Services & Financial Planning
•Medicaid Planning and Qualification in Louisiana...
•Proper legal documents needed for estate planning in LA...
•How a living trust reduces or eliminates estate taxes...
•How to make sure your estate goes where you want it to go...
•How to protect assets if you go into a nursing home in LA...
•And much more...
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